Combine soothing voices and sounds to create your perfect soundscape.

Ideal for ASMR, falling asleep, calming the mind, relaxing the body, & children’s bedtime.

The App​ features over 200 relaxing audio tracks created by more than 40 different artists.

Become a Silk Artist:

Interested in submitting audio recordings and having your relaxing audio showcased in this app?

Follow the instructions below and then apply by sending the email to

To have your soothing voice featured in this app:
• Record a 2 minute audio sample of yourself talking softly and/or whispering. Begin your recording by saying your name or pseudonym followed by “I am interested in being featured as a Silk artist” and then talk about the type of audio files you would create and submit as a Silk artist. Your sample recording must be high quality with minimal noise.
• Put “Vocal sample” as the subject of the email
• Attach your vocal sample as an mp3 file to the email
• Include a link to your YouTube channel or website so we may learn more about you.

To have your relaxing music featured in this app:
• Create a 2 minute long, loopable sample music recording
• Put “Music sample” as the subject of the email
• Attach your music sample as an mp3 file to the email
• Include a link to your website so we may learn more about you

To have your enchanting mobile app music or sounds featured in this app:
• Create a 2 minute long, loopable sample audio recording from your app. Your app can be an audio relaxation app, a visual relaxation app, or even a relaxing game.
• Put “App sample” as the subject of the email
• Attach your audio sample as an mp3 file to the email
• Include a link to the app website or the app store so we may learn more about the app you developed

About the app:


• To offer soothing voices, sounds, and music that can be combined together to create optimal relaxing audio mixes. Stress is a common problem for many individuals in today's world. We hope this app provides a helpful and convenient option for those seeking to relax the body and calm the mind.

• To showcase new and established artists who create relaxing audio productions. Silk ASMR offers a new way for artists to be discovered and a new way for them to showcase samples of their content. The app includes a link for every artist so app users can discover more about these artists and their content.

• To encourage ASMR research and relevant organizations. There are many reports of ASMR helping individuals to relax, de-stress, or fall asleep more easily. Some individuals also report it may be helpful for their anxiety, insomnia, and other disorders. We hope your interest in ASMR will lead to great discoveries. If you are researching ASMR, or plan to, please view the helpful resources at

App Resourses

YouTube: Watch 20+ videos about the app
Pinterest: Learn about mental health, ASMR research, and how to enjoy ASMR in bedFacebook: Connect, share, and be informed of app updates and new


Swooloo LLC, a software design company that specializes in providing business solutions for corporations, enterprises, and small businesses
• John Damici: Project Manager & CEO of Swooloo LLC.
• Jeff Luciana: Engineer.
• Nick Soggin: Engineer.
• Romel Ramos: UI Artist.

ASMR University, a website dedicated to increasing the understanding of ASMR

A diversity of talented artists from various backgrounds
• YouTube artists, audiobook narrators, voice artists, musicians, and more

About ASMR:

What is ASMR?

ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.” It is often reported as an extremely relaxing and calming feeling usually associated with a tingling or euphoric feeling in the brain. Stimuli that initiate ASMR are called “triggers” and may be induced by having someone touch you lightly, receiving personal attention, observing someone demonstrate something with expertise, or listening to a soft voice.
Common examples of situations that stimulate ASMR include having your skin lightly touched, having someone wash or cut your hair, receiving focused attention from a clinician, watching a skilled individual create a drawing or painting, hearing certain sounds like tapping or crinkling, having someone talk to you in a soft, slow, and comforting tone, or having someone whisper gently to you.

Learn more about ASMR at these resources:

ASMR University - information about ASMR research, theories, and related science

ASMR Research & Support - information about ASMR research

ASMR Hub - links to categorized videos and artists

ASMRYouReady - articles, interviews, awards, and videos

DiscoverASMR - blog with articles and videos

FAQ & Support:

Are all the tracks in the app relaxing and/or able to stimulate ASMR?

The app provides a wide variety of tracks which are commonly reported to help some individuals to relax, fall asleep, and/or experience ASMR. It would be very unlikely for someone to be relaxed by every track, but quite likely for someone to find some tracks relaxing. Think of this app like a buffet of voices and sounds. Sample widely, then pick and choose those select tracks which relax you the most.

Why is the app named Silk ASMR?

We wanted our name to represent quality and comfort, attributes well known to the material of silk. Another major reason was the word itself. The “sk” sound is one of the strongest vocal sounds for stimulating ASMR in many individuals.

What is the app icon?

The app icon is a silk moth. Specifically, actias luna, also known as the “luna moth.” Its transformation from an earth-bound caterpillar to a free-flying moth is a metaphor for how someone may feel after being relaxed, well rested, or after experiencing ASMR. Our hope is that this app will bring you a similar type of transformation or rejuvenation.

Will there be an Android version?

Yes. Our Android version is already 90% complete. After completion and appropriate testing we will be launching it on the Google Play store. We will announce the Android version on our Facebook page, Twitter account, and on this website.

Where can further questions or feedback be submitted?

You may contact us via


Newest Tracks:

  • Triggering - Whispered trigger words by Sleep and Relax ASMR

  • Reading - Random Spring Facts by Sleep and Relax ASMR

  • Sharing - What's in a name by Sleep and Relax ASMR

  • Reading - About Edgar Allen Poe by Sleep and Relax ASMR

  • Wind - howling with drizzling rain by Nature sounds - Sleep and Relax ASMR

  • Wind - creaky by Nature sounds - Sleep and Relax ASMR

  • Wind chimes - metal harmonic by Nature sounds - Sleep and Relax ASMR

  • Surf on Bondi Beach by Nature sounds - Sleep and Relax ASMR

  • Train - clanky mechanical (immersive) by Background machine noise - Sleep and Relax ASMR

  • Reading - Bedtime poems by Sleep and Relax ASMR

Most popular tracks:

  • ~Free tracks~ - Example=Layered Mix by ~Free Layered Mix Example~

  • ~Free tracks~ - Tutorial=App Basics by ~Free Tutorials~

  • ~Free tracks~ - Tutorial=The Mixer by ~Free Tutorials~

  • Role playing - Spa facial by Tony Bomboni

  • ~Free tracks~ - Tutorial=Purchasing Tracks by ~Free Tutorials~

  • Triggering - Tapping, scratching, crinkling sounds by Deep Ocean of Sounds

  • Role playing - Hair brushing by Tony Bomboni

  • Guiding - Relaxation by Tony Bomboni

  • Triggering - Inaudible, breathing, hard candy by SoftAnnaPL

  • Tapping wood (ear to ear) by ASMR tapping sounds - Silk ASMR